Mystery & magic brews along Edith Walk.
In Great Malvern stands one of the world's most intriguing theatres.

The Theatre of Small Convenience

Transformed from an old Victorian Gentleman's lavatory, the Theatre of Small Convenience is the smallest theatre in the world (building), in the Guinness Book of Records 2002. If you want to see just how small then you can view an interactive panoramic view here (panorama kindly shot by Robert Bilsland of

Situated in Edith Walk in the centre of Great Malvern, it has been host to a great variety of theatrical experience.

The founder is Dennis Neale, a keen puppeteer and drama enthusiast. He continues to run the theatre as an independent and non profit-making project.

The Stage

The Birdiano The Ceiling

Upon entering, one feels like having stepped through a magic door. A quaint interior marked by an Italian -commedia dell'arte- theatrical style. It has an audience capacity that seats up to a dozen and an unconventional stage. On the walls, paintings of summer skies, blue seas and wild greenery add depth and drama to the place.

Right Wall Top of Stage

The theatre, since its opening in November 1999 has had performances both professional & amateur of drama, puppetry, poetry, story-telling, music and monologues, and even a day of opera! If you have an interest in the theatre, whether it be for performance or as an audience, we invite you to phone at (01684) 568 933 or drop an email to

'This charming venue has to be one of Malvern's treasured sights.'

"The Last Turtle in Cloud Cuckoo Land.It's pie in the sky."

An 8 minute whimsical puppet show for all ages created and performed by me(Dennis Neale),music by Paul White.

Shows are 'on demand' every Saturday ,12.00 - 5.00p.m. Adults 2.50 ,children 1.50. We are open extra weekdays in holiday periods, e mail or phone for details.

The Theatre of Small Convenience
Edith Walk, Malvern,
Worcs, WR14 4QH
Tel: 01684 568 933
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Last updated: 22/07/2009